Tabitha’s Story – 200 words

This is Tabitha. 
She told me her story while we both sat, sweat-drenched,
after a cardio-interval class at the gym.   
I am honored to write her 200 words.  

Lifelong struggle with weight.
Overweight by age 7.  Teasing. Nicknames.
Hard times. Yo-yo dieting.
Overwhelmed by exercise.
Too hard.
Not coordinated.

College.  Graduation. LIved with parents.
Physically-demanding job.  Made my muscles hurt.  Liked it.
Started to feel healthier.

Cross-country trip to Alaska.
This changed me.
First time really on my own.

Moved to Seattle.  Work.
Tried out yoga.
Learned to sail. Strenuous.

Social. Lots of partying.
Unhealthy. Overweight.

Love. Marriage. Pregnancy.
Cross-country move back to east coast.
Rediscovered yoga.
Yoga helped with birth.
Lost my pregnancy weight.

Second baby.  Needed to get out of house.
Started with yoga.
2012 New Year’s resolution.
Needed to keep up with my babies.
Yoga. Walking. 

Saw ad for “Healthiest You” Challenge.  WCHL radio station.
Free 3-month membership to UNC Wellness Center
and Women’s Only Workout.

Circuit training. Yoga.
Walking. Stroller.
6 workouts/week.

Changed diet.
Fruit. Veggies. Whole grains.
Exceeded initial weight loss goals.  210.

Greatest decrease in body fat of all female participants.
Won membership at gym.
Getting close to 155. 

Lifestyle. Healthy habits.
Motivated. I want to be around for my children.
They eat veggies with me.  

Proud. Confident.