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How do you do it?  How do you keep motivated?  Where do you find the energy? I hear these questions frequently….especially regarding exercise, teaching classes and my own workouts. I think a lot ... Read more

Indoor SUP classes this month!

Mark your calendars for Indoor SUP in November!  Happy to share that I have 4 indoor SUP classes scheduled  in Hillsborough and Chapel Hill. Join me for one or for all! CHAPEL HILL, NC UNC Wellness Center, ... Read more

The Butterfly Effect

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A + B + C = D  Awareness + Be Present + Change = Day One Mindset  We continue to practice awareness and being present….and now it’s time to look at “C.” Change.    Over the past ... Read more

Be Present

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On the first day of the 21-Day Healthy Habits challenge, we talked about the Day One Mindset and I shared a simple equation: A + B + C = D  AWARENESS + BE PRESENT + CHANGE = DAY ONE MINDSET  For the past ... Read more

The Day One Mindset

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Everyone has a Day One.  I posted a blog about this a few years ago and I have been saying this phrase to my clients, friends, family, strangers…basically anyone who will listen, since then.  Anytime ... Read more